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7 Effective Ways to Turn a New Client into a Consistent Paying Client

Let’s return to the concept of refining the client journey and you might be wondering why this is relevant when you just want to get clients back in the door.  Well, you also want to KEEP them in the door right?!  Of course you do, which is why we also spoke to Maura Vella, Small Business Advisor and Studio Owner, to help us look at 7 Effective Ways to Turn A New or Returning Client Into A Consistent Client.  As a reminder, while your members already know, like and trust you, you still need to treat them and nurture them like you would a new client to get them to return to a consistent practice. 



Key takeaways from our chat with Maura:


#1 Have a great returning or welcome back offer for your existing clients


#2 Communicate often and through as many channels as possible


#3 Speak to your returning client’s unique reason for why they came to you in the first place and why they are coming back to you now


#4 Follow up after their first class back in the studio!


#5 Systematize! Have email templates and planned nurture sequences in place and ready to utilize


#6 Have a conversation near the end of the welcome back offer


#7 Be human and be authentic in all conversations!


Enjoy the video!

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