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Episode 3 of the Strong Business Academy podcast, Alvin Brown interviews Ashley Deland.

Ashley Deland

Ashley specializes in helping small business owners and start-up founders effectively market themselves within their industry, build profitable and successful businesses & stand out from the competition.  An Award-Winning Business Coach, Mentor and Marketing Expert with over 10 years of experience growing businesses for solopreneurs, small business owners, and start-up founders. “When I am not creating personal empires for my clients you can usually catch me zenning out on my yoga mat or cooking up new things in the kitchen to help fuel my passion for plant-based foods.”


Alvin has been in the health and wellness space for 3 decades, serving in numerous roles from personal trainer to wellness entrepreneur. Alvin has taught and spoken worldwide, teaching and speaking on a variety of topics around wellness, personal development and peak performance.

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