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Unapologetically Simple Marketing

Episode 1 of the Strong Business Academy Podcast, Alvin Brown interviews Ashley Shaw.

Ashley Shaw has a 14+year background in the fitness industry, marketing and building businesses online. Stick around if you too are obsessed with learning things that actually work and learn the secrets to finding your passion.

Ashley Shaw

Founder Of The Fitness Leader Institute | Fitness Marketing Educator | Social Selling Influencer

When people ask me what I do, I tell them:

“I help top-tier fitness entrepreneurs eliminate the overwhelm in their social media marketing efforts so they can scale & automate their business.

But what I really want to say is… “I show fitness entrepreneurs how to BEEF UP their BOTTOM-LINE and I do this by giving them the tools to generate leads in a CUT-THROAT climate.”


My mom literally went into contractions in a Gold’s Gym parking lot (#gymlife). I’ve sold everything from Hello Kitty stationary to $1200 knife sets + I hustled in fitness sales for 13 years, going from part-time Personal Trainer to President. 

I deliver UNAPOLOGETICALLY SIMPLE marketing training because I hate when people make things OVERLY complicated (#complexityallergy) + I love working with heart-filled, risk-taking, fitness entrepreneurs (**because we ALL know they #workhard & #playhardest.)


Alvin has been in the health and wellness space for 3 decades, serving in numerous roles from personal trainer to wellness entrepreneur. Alvin has taught and spoken worldwide, teaching and speaking on a variety of topics around wellness, personal development and peak performance.

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