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Is Print Making a Comeback?

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In the race to have the best, most advanced digital marketing, it can be easy to toss aside the tried-and-true medium of print. But take note. Print is like the tortoise to the digital hare, and right now, the reptile is coming in strong and steady. We believe print is evolving into a medium every business should strongly consider in 2022.

Here are a few reasons why.

Print is unobtrusive.

 Print is void of the annoying pop-up ads or interrupted news feeds. When you hold a brochure or read a poster, it’s automatically a more relaxed form of absorbing information. And in today’s digital world full of bells and whistles, this relaxing effect is more apparent (and more appreciated) than ever before. 

Print is tangible.

Digital fatigue is real. Coming off a year filled with zoom calls and online learning, people crave human connection and real-life engagement. Many are unplugging from their screens for hours and even days at a time. This includes millennials, who are the largest consumers of print media right now. They simply enjoy holding magazines and engaging in a more tangible, retro-cool way.

Print has a long shelf life. 

 A well-designed printed piece has an average shelf life with an audience of about 3 months, versus a message in a social post that’s relevant for only a few hours. In fact, the average lifespan of one Instagram post is 19 hours and a Facebook post is only 5 hours. In addition to a longer shelf life, the retention of information is much greater with print. ​​Studies show people remember information better when it’s read on paper versus online because the brain is able to process it easier, thus increasing recall.

Print is a team player.

While print may have high engagement, high recall, and offer a high return on investment, it can be further strengthened with digital efforts. Back to the tortoise and the hare analogy. It’s not just a matter of who arrives first. Winning with readers requires having more than one player on the field, each doing their part to tell the full story of the brand. 

We hope you take a fresh look at print because it’s certainly alive and well!

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