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InBody BIA Body Composition Analyzer

Amp up your user experience and success rates with this innovative device to support your clients – and trainers.

The run-of-the-mill scale – often referred to as The Devil – is widely known for its ability to destroy your day, sink your morale, and obliterate your ego. Its ridiculous power is undeserved and downright erroneous, particularly given what health and fitness experts now know about the limitations of that woefully uninformative number screaming at you from between your toes. It and the BMI seem to be going the way of the dodo as better tools and more useful measurements replace them.

Topping the body comp evaluation leaderboard is InBody, an innovator in the field and the preferred choice for medical, fitness and wellness practitioners. Their scanners calculate lean muscle, body fat, and water content in a matter of seconds, which enables you to conveniently evaluate your clients, create actionable plans, and track progress with ease and clarity. One of the most accurate Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) devices on the market, the InBody BIA Body Composition Analyzer is highly accurate and adds immediate and obvious value to the customer experience.

Uniquely InBody

In 1996 Dr. Kichul Cha of South Korea, Founder, CEO of InBody Co., developed specific mechanisms to overcome the technical limitations of traditional bioelectrical impedance analysis and improve the accuracy, precision, and ease of body composition analysis. The resulting technology has made InBody devices an integral part of protocol for leading health and fitness research, organizations, and institutions.

What makes InBody unique?

1. Multiple Frequencies. InBody uses multiple currents at varying frequencies to provide precise body water analysis.

2. 8-Point Tactile Electrode System. When measuring impedance with electrodes, contact resistance occurs, so InBody accounts for contact resistance with strategically placed electrodes to ensure that measurements are accurate and reproducible.

3. Direct segmental measurement. InBody provides independent measurements for each of the body’s 5 cylinders (left arm, right arm, torso, left leg, and right leg) to provide you with accurate and detailed results.

4. No empirical estimations. InBody measures impedance independently, so results are not affected by age, gender, ethnicity, athleticism, or body shape.

The InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer is the top choice for fitness professionals and studio operators. Industry standouts such as GoodLife Fitness, CrossFit, F45 Training, Orangetheory and many others have added InBody BIA Body Composition Analyzers to their offering, thereby bolstering the user experience, adding to the tools available to their coaches and trainers, and setting their clientele up for success and long-term commitment.

Providing test results in as little as 45 seconds, InBody analyzers enable you to explain your clients’ body composition and track their progress and transformations easily and clearly. Users step barefoot onto the scale, follow a few simple directions on the touchscreen, and hold still for a fraction of minute. They receive a printout with feedback that makes all the difference in how they see themselves and their fitness journey.


In addition to cutting-edge innovation, InBody ensures top notch customer service with an up to 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, lease and financing options, and attentive, dedicated service teams based in Canada and the US. There’s even an InBody Academy where you can get certified as a product expert so you can learn the fundamentals of set up, operation and maintenance, and truly leverage your investment. Academy registrants can access and download webinars, collateral marketing materials, and research documents to thoroughly understand the technology, generate revenue to offset costs, and significantly add value for clients.

Today’s clients want to feel empowered and knowledgeable. They demand personalized, effective plans with quantifiable, achievable results. With InBody Body Composition Analyzers, your ROI will register in a well-equipped team, a leading-edge methodology, and loyal clients who stay motivated and on track and add to your growth and bottom line.

Canada:  www.inbodycanada.caUS: www.inbody.com

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