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The Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer family uses the proven high inertia flywheel technology and advanced algorithms engineered to replicate riding outdoors. The Wahoo EASY SET-UP APP makes onboarding a snap, and KICKRs easily pair with your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Kick it up a notch with the KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator, designed to simulate ascents of up to 20% and descents of -10%, and KICKR HEADWIND, which pairs directly to your smart trainer, heart rate monitor or speed sensor to gauge workout intensity and automatically adjust its variable speed fan to keep you comfortable during your toughest sessions. KICKR AXIS allows you to enhance your ride feel by mimicking the side-to-side movement experienced when riding outdoors customizable with three different stiffness options. Put it all together and the WAHOO “Ecosystem” provides one of the most powerful, immersive, and engaging indoor rides possible.

For more info visit, ca.wahoofitness.com

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