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Meet Dave Brett of Griffins Boxing and Fitness

Griffins Boxing and Fitness is dedicated to changing people’s lives by building confidence in a safe and welcoming environment. The only sanctioned boxing gym in North Vancouver, it isn’t your “typical” boxing gym; it’s a community filled with new mothers, young people, amateur boxing athletes, seniors, and others who gather to sweat and have fun. Originally founded in 2005 at a North Vancouver rec center, Griffins relocated from their original digs to the current 12,000 sf. facility in the heart of North Vancouver, becoming the largest boxing gym in Canada.

“Back when we opened, I was 25 years old and thought boxing needed to be different,” recalls owner, head coach and private trainer Dave Brett. “It was a sport you went to for two weeks, had the sh*t beaten out of you, and then you never went back. I never did Karate, but I saw kids learning for 10 years, creating goals, and achieving them. I saw Karate Kid raise a nation! So, I broke boxing down into little steps, assigned different colored hand wraps for progressive levels, and the six-level BOXTECH System was born.” The first three wrap levels – White, Yellow, and Green – are non-contact. At Level 4, (Blue), sparring becomes an option, and Red and Black are competitive team levels.

Griffins Boxing also runs BOXFIT classes, which are all non-contact boxing for fitness. And, although you’ll spot a few MMA competitors who train at Griffins, you’re not going to find those take-down or ground-and-pound techniques on the regular roster of skills.

“We stay true to our sport,” says Dave. The NCCP-certified staff aim to equip everyone with effective self-defence skills and provide comprehensive, personal development programs. That goes for “Little Champs” who may be as young as 5, all the way through to adults, seniors, and new moms who are invited to bring along the wee ones, so they don’t have to worry about childcare. “It is our goal to raise the quality of life for all our students in every way possible.”

Griffins hosts various activities and events, including amateur boxing shows, their annual anniversary party, Member Appreciation BBQs, and even kids’ birthday parties. They’re also nurturing plans to expand their trademarked BOXTECH and BOXFIT brands throughout North America.

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