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Marketplace Roundup

If the hybrid approach, blending in-person and virtual workouts is the way of the future for the fitness industry, investing in the best home gym equipment, could reap you the benefits of convenience and a good exercise session. Whether you are only beginning to build or simply optimizing your at-home gym capabilities, upgrading your living room training sessions with real exercise equipment will take your workout to the next level. After all, there’s only so much multitasking your household-items-turned-workout-equipment can do

But don’t sweat it: Our curated list covers everything you need to exercise from the comfort of your own home: from starter kits for fitness novices to smart bikes for shred missions.

P.volve Starter Kit: Best gym equipment for beginners

This kit contains everything you need to begin your exercise adventures with the brand’s signature p.ball(to activate glutes, thighs, and core), aresistance band, ankle weights to augment any exercise move, and gliders for a fun, original, and high-intensity addition to your fitness routine. Essentially, it contains everything you would expect from the best home exercise equipment for beginners.  Most excitingly, however, this P.volve Starter Kit includes athree-month membership to the P.volve digital platform, which includes the Starter Kit Strength & Sculpt programme so you can learn how to use your fitness equipment in the most effective and engaging way. For more info visit, www.pvolve.com

Tempo: Best home gym equipment for weightlifting

Whether you’re a veteran bodybuilder or new to weight-lifting, Tempo is here to transform your experience of jacking steel with its all-in-one weightlifting studio. Ensure you hit your personal fitness goals again and again with the Tempo Studio, which includes weights (plates, barbells, and dumbbells), feedback, and expert coaching to help you reach and beat your PB on a more regular basis. The Tempo Studio even includes a workout mat and roller to help your muscles recover faster afterwards. Plus, it looks sleek and stylish and only takes up 3 square feet (0.28 square metre) when not in use (although you’ll need 8 feet, or 2.5 metres, between you and the machine when working out). For more info visit, www.shop.tempo.fit

Tonal: Best home gym equipment for strength training

Bring a new level of efficiency to your home workouts with Tonal’s strength-building home gym. With up to 200 pounds (90kg) of digital weights, this strength training machine gives you lots to play with. The ultimate smart home gym, Tonal also accurately measures your reps, sets, range of motion, and a host of other metrics to help you track your gains over time. You can also choose from hundreds of expert-led workout programmes tailored to your body and goals to inspire you to get stronger. For more info visit, www.tonal.com

Ergatta: Best rowing machine

The next best thing after rowing down a river at top speed on a sunny morning has to be rowing in the comfort of your bedroom or living room. The Ergatta Rower includes everything you need for a comprehensive workout that’s the perfect balance of challenging and enjoyable. The machine features an Android-powered touchscreen in full HD and is Bluetooth-enabled for use with heart-rate monitors and audio. Choose from different workout styles and enjoy a full-body low-impact workout. Definitely a must-have addition to your smart gym. For more info visit, www.ergatta.com

FLYBIRD: Best dumbbells

No home gym setup is complete without a set of dumbbells and these ones by FLYBIRD are our favourites thanks to their professional-grade design. This 5-in-1 set of dumbbells is ideal for saving space without compromising on your weight-lifting goals. Change quickly and easily between different weights from 5 lb to 25 lb (2 kg to 11 kg), pushing yourself and watching yourself progress. Another bonus is that these adjustable dumbbells don’t jiggle or clink around as you move them. The handle grip is solid and secure, and while it doesn’t seem like much, the dumbbell tray is actually incredibly handy for storage. For more info visit, www.flybirdfitness.com

Peloton: Best smart bike

Everyone’s raving about the Peloton Bike and once you hop on board, you’ll see exactly why.  The problem with a standard exercise bike is that it gets boring staring at the wall while your legs go round and round. But the Peloton smart bike is a whole world apart, offering immersive cardio that’s incredibly addictive. You get access to workouts from world-class instructors with a range of themes, difficulty levels, and music genres. You can monitor your performance metrics, see how you compare to others, and join live classes or browse the on-demand library. Basically, it’s all the benefits of your favourite cycling class at your local studio.

For more info visit, www.onepeloton.com

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