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Badass Boutique
Badass Boutique

How BADASS is your Fitness Studio?

Find out how you rate across the 10 Touch Points

By Emma Barry

Business guru Peter Drucker proclaimed “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

Emma Barry is a global fitness authority and knows a thing or two about building a BADASS fitness business. She designed a 30 question quiz to help you measure where you are with your business so that you can identify and manage the areas that need attention.

In terms of boutique fitness studios in a post-pandemic world – goodwill scale and bad will fail – so make sure you are on the right side of the ledger. It’s on us to super-service, surprise, and delight avid fans. We need to entice newcomers to exercise through the seductive powers of entertainment, hyper-personalization, high-touch service, and a close-knit community. 

Do you know where your studio is on the scale of BADASS? Do you know how your brand is resonating with your members?

Take the quiz and find out how your business rates on:

BRAND: Purpose, Positioning, Pain.

PRODUCT: People, Programming, Place

SYSTEMS: Processes, Plan, Pace, Polish.

The world needs your ideas. Your community needs a place to unite. Commit to your next step and unearth the data you need to do what really counts. Take the quiz and put your plans in place to become badass.

TAKE the Rate Your Studio Quiz based on Emma Barry’s International Bestselling Book  Building a Badass Boutique– Your 10-Touch Journey to Designing a Fitness Studio that Works.

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